Britax Frontier vs Pioneer 

Britax is the one of the best car seat manufacturer in US and providing their services all around the world. Providing the big range of child car seats. Here we will discuss the difference and similarity between the Britax Frontier and Pioneer models.

Britax Frontier Car Seats:

Britax frontier is perfect with the  Harness and booster combine feature. Frontier is the best for the 2+ year children with 25 to 90 pound weight range.  After some time you can convert this car seat for the bigger children of weight of 40 to 120 pounds.

Installation: It is super easy and advance and quick. Just click the buckle of car seat belt. Just click the buckle of car seat across and it is ready for the use. Seat is designed in such a way that it will not move from its place and you can enjoy the ride.

Protection Technology: Britax is using the safe cell protection technology for their car seats. IN this technology steel frame, shock absorbing feature and forward moving resistance feature have been used. All these features helps you to safe your child in case of accident.

Design: Design of the car seat is superb, as it can hold the child ranging from 25 pounds to 90 pounds. You can convert it into traditional booster car seat.

Maximum fit and comfort level: You can adjust it easily upto 9 positions, to make it better for your child. Adjust the height according to the height of child.
britax frontier vs pioneer

Britax Pioneer Car Seat:

Britax Pioneer car seat has all features of harness to booster fro growing child. Best for the 2 + year old child after this convert it in booster for growing child.

Safety and Protection: Best in safety and protection and using the same safe cell technology in pioneer car seat. Steel frame and shock absorbing features make it great.

Protection with extra layers: 2 layers for the extra protection from side of the car, as it has seen in many cases that people got the injuries due to the collision from side. Two layer technology absorb the energy from side and make the less damage to your child. You can adjust it in nine different position. Harness and transition improve the comfort level.
britax frontier vs pioneer

Difference and similarity in Britax Frontier and Pioneer:


  • Adjust the car seat in nine ways in both models.
  • Layer of protection is 2, which is same in Frontier and pioneer.
  • Shock absorbing feature is used in frontier as well as in pioneer.
  • Steel frame of high qulaity has been used in both car seats.


  • Safe cell impact absorbing harness feature in the frontier car seat not in the Pioneer.
  • Click tight installation feature in frontier not in the pioneer.
  • Buckle system in Britax frontier and not available in pioneer.

Conclusion (Editor Choice):

Britax frontier is better as compare to the pioneer. As far as price is concerned  pioneer is 100$ cheaper as compare to the frontier.  Both are same except some features. If price is not constraint you should go for the Britax frontier car seat.



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