Dyson V6 VS V8

Now In these days when we talk about the vacuum cleaners, one brand comes into our mind i.e Dyson. To achieve this success Dyson really did very hard to reach this point of excellence.

First Dyson introduced the well featured product and after that it evolving the features with new series of modal.

Here now we come to the point V8 is the updated modal of V6. Dyson has improved the battery span and innovate the suction feature at advance level and provides in compact form.

Here we will differentiate the features and performance.

Features of Dyson V6:

  • It is cord free, so you can use it in any part of the house.
  • You can continuously run this machine for 20 minutes to clean the house.
  • Bristles in the brush remove the dust perfectly from the carpet.

Features of Dyson V8:

  • Dyson V8 is the topmost model in the vacuum cleaner series.
  • It has the 40 minutes battery span time which is almost double of the V6.
  • HEPA technology is used in the Vacuum cleaner helps to reduce the dust from the environment .
  • 150% higher brush bar power as compare to the Dyson V6, which is quite amazing.
  • It takes only 4 hours to charge it completely.

Similarity between Dyson V6 and V8:

  • Both Dyson V6 and V8 are Cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • Both have the Specially Designed tools for crevice and surface.

Differences Between Dyson V6 and V8:

  • Battery Run time is almost double of V8 as compare to the V6.
  • V8 has the Crevice tools for hard to reach place whereas V6 donot have.
  • V8 has the motorized tool for the pet hair whereas V6 do not have such accessories.
  • HEPA filtration technology is used in the V8, not in the V6.


Battery run time, HEPA Filtration technology and some advance accessories are added in the V8 where as V6 is the basic version of the Vacuum cleaner.


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