Dyson V8 Absolute VS V8 Animal

In 2016 Dyson has added the new range of vacuum cleaner. Dyson V8 absolute and animal are the most amazing when we talk about the features.  Dyson is not a cheap brand thousand of engineers are working on vacuum cleaner to make it more better and better.

Dyson has launched an improved version of V6 in term of features like battery life, style and have added some new automatic features in the product.

An additional accessory is added in the Dyson V8 Absolute that is the Soft roller cleaner head, which is specially made for the non-carpet surface. Soft roller cleaner head has the soft nylon and carbon filament brush bar helps you to pick the large debris and easily remove the dust from the surface.

Cleaner head is the major difference between the V8 absolute and Animal. Apart from soft roller cleaner head both comes with the same accessories.

Accessories: Carpet Head, dusting brush, crevice tool, mini power head, mattress tool, soft dusting brush and extension hose (Same for both of the Vacuum Cleaner).

One better thing about the Dyson V8 is it is cordless, helps you to clean the any part of the home without any problem. Can be used in the variety of task like you can clean the car interior and stairs.

Here first we will review the features of the Dyson V8 absolute:

  • This is one of the latest and greatest in the series with better suction power.
  • This is cordless so you can clean any part of your home without any hassle.
  • Dyson is compact so you can easily carry anywhere and clean your home easily.
  • Cyclone technology has been used in the vacuum cleaner to clean efficiently your home.
  • Dyson V8 absolute has the 50 minute battery time, which enough for the complete house clean. You can again charge it in 4 to 5 hours.
  • You can adjust the speed of the vacuum cleaner according the dust quantity.

Features of Dyson V8 Animal:

Dyson V8 animal is another best option for cleaning home.

Why it is so good ?

As it fulfill all requirement like powerful motor with excellent suction power and smart filtration with cyclone technology.

  • After full charging you can use it for the 40 minutes.
  • It is super easy to empty the dust box.
  • Bin size is 0.54 liter, which is in the front helps you to balance the weight of motor when you pick it up.
  • Use it anywhere in the home as it is cord free item.
  • In accessories it comes with the docking station, combination tool, mini motorized tool and soft dusting brush.
  • Clean the carpet and wood floor as well, specially design to suck the animal hair.
  • Easy to eject the dirt from the box, no need to dirty your hands while removing the dirt.
  • Can use the max power button for the highly dirty area.

Similarity between Dyson V8 Absolute and V8 Animal:

  • Dyson V8 Absolute and  V8 Animal both have the direct drive cleaner with more brush power.
  •  Both are cordless.
  • Run time after recharge is around 40 minute which is same for both vacuum cleaner.
  • For crevice and wooden surface ad on accessories comes with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Special crevice tools are manufactured to suck the dust from small places.
  • Mini motorized tool in the accessories of both the models to remove the hair from pet.
  • Soft dusting brush is added in both of the basket.
  • HEPA filtration technology is used in both of the product.

Difference between Dyson V8 Absolute and V8 Animal:

  • There is price difference  around $70 dollars in both product as per amazon price.
  • Soft roller cleaner head for large debris in Dyson V8 absolute whereas V8 animal donot have.


Both are good and quite identical in the features, if price is not an issue for you then certainly you should try the V8 absolute, it helps you cover the large areas fast as compare to the V8 animal.

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