For Healthy Lifestyle If you are looking for the blender and comparing these two then you are on the almost right path.

Here I will review the two blenders one is the Magic Bullet and another is the nutribullet.

This blog post will help you to choose the best blender. Here I will review the both blender for the shakes, healthy smoothies and sauce as well.

If we talk about the similarity and differences, both has the several similarities as well as differences.

Both the Blenders are the best in their working and features can help you a lot to get the nutrients properly from your diet.

Magic bullet features:

  • You can chop mix and blend the vegetables according to your need.
  • Introducing the new concept to the user with low lebour technique helps a lot to make recipes, sauce and shake.
  • It helps a lot top chop nuts and blend Ice as well.
  • Best to make smoothies every morning for better health.



  • You have to cut the fruits every time in small pieces.
  • It is not BPA Free.