Fixd Reviews: Know about car health monitor

Most of the drivers and car owners in America and the world at large are usually worried about the health and condition of their engines and their car at large at two distinct points,when they have a breakdown and when their engine light comes on. But picture this, you are driving through a remote area and suddenly your car breaks down. Keep in mind you are in a remote area and you can’t easily access a repair shop or a mechanic. You would be stuck! This a problem that the FIXD car health monitor seeks to prevent through its new and unique car monitoring technology.


Fixd is a car monitoring system that is developed and sold by FIXD automotive. It is essentially a combination of both hardware and software technology whereby you have a fixd sensor that is connected to the vehicle and the fixd application that you install on your smartphone to go with it.
It is a system that seeks to provide simple but precise information about a car’s health to its owner giving him/her an easy way of determining the car’s specific needs.

How it works.

For you to use this monitor, you first have to purchase the fixd sensor that you will plug on to the OBD II port on your vehicle. This is usually below the steering wheel or the glove box.It is on this sensor that data concerning the health of your car is sent to. The sensor then receives this data which it will then forward to the app.

Read the Reviews before buying the product

You will then need to download the fixd app which is available on both the google playstore and the app store.Install the app on your smartphone and create a user account.You will then need to get into the car in order to connect with sensor through bluetooth. After you have connected, it will prompt you to input the sensor code which is on the lower end of the sensor. Once you have done this you are good to go.

So when your car has a problem, the engine light comes on. At this moment, the fixd app automatically alerts you that the engine light is on along with a list of all the possible problems it has detected. It gives a brief summary of each problem and the corresponding effect it has on the overall functioning of your car.

It also shows you the potential consequences and damage that will be caused to your car in the event that you decide not to have these problems fixed.You can then give this data to your mechanic if there are any major issues that you can’t fix yourself.

Fixd boasts of being able to detect 6,800 potential problems that your car would be having when the engine light comes on. These of course are not proven figures but it is clear that it will detect the most critical problems that your car might have.
Once you plug in the sensor,it is automatically able to determine the make and the manufacturer of your car’s engine.It is therefore able to inform you on recommendations made by the manufacturers concerning maintenance and when you should do it.It is then able to alert you when you approach the specified times.

Read the Reviews before buying the product

Added features.

Through its multi car control feature, you can be able to link multiple fixd sensors to one account. So you can actually be able to monitor the health of a number of cars from whichever location you are in.This could be useful for organisations which have a number of service cars or simply a family man who wants to monitor the conditions of all the family cars.
For the fixd sensor, it will cost you $59 to buy one. However there is an option for you to buy three for the price of two that is at $118 in the event that you have a couple of cars.

The fixd application is available for download for free.


The main advantage that fixd offers to car owners is their commitment to breaking down complex engine information into simple terms that the average driver can understand. This will appeal to most drivers who are of course not well versed in how cars work apart from how to drive them.

Many of us also fail to take our cars for the occasional maintenance checks for the simple fact that we are busy and we forget. Fixd provides the answer to this and this another major advantage it possesses.

Fixd will provide reminders to you the owner whenever your car has reached the specified mileage whereby it will need maintenance as per the recommendations of the manufacturers. This will ensure that your car always undergoes maintenance at the proper designated periods.


As far as car monitoring systems go, fixd has made some important steps towards ensuring that car owners can have a system that they can rely on to ensure that their car’s health is always observed.Through its alert system, owners are always updated on the minute to minute condition of their cars.It essentially transforms your vehicle into a smart car.It does all this while ensuring that the level of simplicity of its data suits every type of driver out there. What more could we ask for ?