Power Stop Z23 vs Z26

Looking for the Brake kit for your four wheeler. Power stop is the best option for the safety point of view. Power stop brake pads adds the extra power to the brakes and reduce the stopping time. Enjoy the high speed with Power stop.

Designed in such a way it stops the vehicle in no time even in ext ream condition like overload. Drilled slotted rods improves the brake power with power pads.

Here we will review the power stop z23 and z26:

Features of Power stop Z23:

  • Carbon fiber pads are made with dust free formulation.
  • Noise free brake helps you to run the vehicle smother.
  • Brake power is advanced and help you stop the car in bit of second.
  • Holes in the brakes helps to maintain low temperature in ext ream temperature conditions.
  • In accessories you will get the lubricant and premium hardware.
  • Plated with the Zinc Dicromate  helps to keep safe from the rust and corrosion.

Power Stop Z23 vs Z26

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Features of Power Stop Z26:

  • Slotted brake rotors helps to maintain the temperature of brake disks for high performance.
  • Carbon fiber is used in the brake pads for the better and dust free pads.
  • Complete brake kit required for your vehicle.
  • Best for the High speed driving and instant brake.

Power Stop Z23 vs Z26

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Almost price of both brake pads is same. Z26 can be right option as noise level is low as compare to Z23. All other features are almost same.

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