roomba 860 vs 880

Analyzing the features of the Roomba 860 and 880.

The question is which one is the best?

In the first phase it is quite difficult to say which one is the best out of the two products.  Here we will review the these Roomba 860 and 880.

Features of Roomba 860:

  • AeroForce Extractors with airflow acceleration technology delivers the extra cleaning power to you.
  • i Adapt responsive navigation technology helps you to clean under the bed and other furniture stuff, where normally a human can not reach easily.
  • Scheduling feature it have improves the working up to seven days in a week.
  • It has the optical acoustic sensor used to detect the dust and pet hair, after detection it clean the most dirtiest place first.
  • In accessories you will get he virtual wall barrier, filter, dock station  and manual.

roomba 860 vs 880

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Roomba 880 Features:

  • It is complete equipped with sensor make it more smart as compare to other brands. iAdapt Multi-Room Navigation use the sensor to detect the location need to clean.
  • It can clean three rooms in one time you can limit the boundaries with the virtual wall.
  • Aero Force 3 stage system  cleans the 50 percent more as compare to the normal manual cleaning.
  • Aero force removes even the small fine dust particles from the home.

roomba 860 vs 880
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Similarity between Roomba 860 and 880:

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