Weber Spirit VS Genesis

Searching for the high quality gas grills and it seems quite difficult to decide which one is better, as it is one time high investment. But we can make a right choice if we focus on the features and our requirement.

We will differentiate each and every feature of both of the product, which will helps you out with the right decision.

Summer is time when people loves to go for camping and outdoor activities.  Barbecue grill is the most important for full camping enjoyment. So buying a grill is  one time high investment, So we need to know about the product detail before purchasing.

In this article we will compare the each and every aspect of the Weber spirit and Genesis.

Why should you choose Weber spirit:

First thing about the weber spirit is that  it is robust brand ie chances of being repaired are low. Weber Spirit is cheap in price as compare to the Genesis. Weber spirit is the top brand in grill community from last 30 years. Innovation is the key to success and weber spirit  worked so hard on innovative ideas to make a smarter grill.

Highly Sold and Reviewed Weber Spirit Modals:

Weber 46510001 Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill Features:

  • Three stainless steel burner are on the weber spirit with the 32000 BTU limit per hour
  • 529 sq inches area for the cooking space which is well enough for the complete family meal in one time.
  • Grills are easy to clean and made of cast iron.
  • It has six tools and accessories and works smoothly.


Weber Spirit VS Genesis
Checkout the Price On Amazon

Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill Features:

  • It has two steel burners with 26500 BTU per hour.
  • In accessories



Weber Spirit VS Genesis
 Check out the Price on Amazon

Weber Spirit VS Genesis
 Check out the Price On Amazon

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